Chapter 12 is LIVE

I know it’s taking me a while to write and publish new chapter but I’m realy having a hard time writing the next scenes… there’s so much to tell and to develop that is becoming quite complicated to do everything I want without cloning myself. Trust me, if I could, I would 🙂

So, chapter 12 is already live on Wattpad and I will try to edit and re-write a few thing on chapter 13 and 14. I hope to be able to publish one of them this week. Pray for me xD

Chapter 12:

“You’re messing up with me.” I said without really wanting to and I heard him heave a sigh. When I opened my eyes he looked tired, older and slightly disappointed. No, disappointed wasn’t the word. He looked saddened. “Why won’t you tell me what you are? You saved my life last night and I’m grateful for that. But I also need answers.”

“You might not like what you find. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns.” He said taking a step towards me. I didn’t step back and I didn’t shrink away from him this time. “And I’m not messing up with you.”

“You’re talking in riddles,” I retorted and he smirked. My stomach churned. “Tell me what you are.”

He was close to me, so close I could smell his fragrance; he smelled of rain and wind. Damon inhaled and lifted his head slightly and his eyes were suddenly black, infinite darkness that bore into me with no pity at all. I wanted to run and scream but I was frozen in place staring at his transformation. I found out that I was more curious than frightened and maybe he sensed it for he frowned at me and I saw myself reflected on his eyes.

“Can you guess now?” He asked in a profound and rough voice that had nothing to do with the sweet and deep one that I had heard only a few seconds ago.
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Chapter 11 & Cast Updates!

Oh God!

Don’t you just hate writer’s block? I’m currently going through one and it’s the most horrible thing on earth. The good thing is that I have a few chapters ready and will update them on Wattpad. Maybe by doing so I might unblock the writer’s block!

Chapter 11:

“What are you?” I asked and my voice sounded hoarse and weak. I was shaking and accepted Rona’s flask once again, drinking the liquid thirstily and marvelling on its fire through my throat.

“I’m – “McKenna’s voice halted when the hound approached her and placed his paws on her legs, allowing her to pet him behind his ears. It seemed as if he was apologising for having barked at her. McKenna’s face altered and she looked extremely sad, painfully sad. “I’m an Unnatural, a succubus.”

“Unnatural?” Did she said succubus? I had to focus on one thing at a time.

“Some people call us freaks, monsters, whatnot… but we prefer Unnaturals” McKenna said and shivered. “Though that name still makes me cringe. There’s not an actual denomination for us. For the rest of the world we’re simply supernatural creatures, the stuff of legends and scary stories.”

“So, all those supernatural creatures from legends are real?”

“Legends are mostly based on true things” McKenna commented. “That’s how they’re born.”
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Now, I already have the perfect cast for Rona, whose character is becoming more important to the story than what I first intended. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is: Rona St. John Cass:

Julie Walters as Rona

What do you think? Isn’t Mama Weasly perfect for Rona?


New Covers & Titles Reveal

One of the things I do when I can’t write is create book covers. Not that I’m a professional cover designer or have a proper software to do so. To be honest, I normally go to Canva, a great site where you can simply create designs, and try my luck in there. They have plenty of layouts and designs you can use for free. It helps when you don’t know what to do.

And since I’m having a hard time writing Chapter 13 of Deephaven, I’ve decided to change the current cover to see if by doing so, I would be able to continue writing. Well, it give me inspiration to write but also to create the next covers.

I changed the name from Ner Antunes to Leonor P. Antunes (the name I’ll use from now on and, if I eventually do get published *fingers crossed*, that will be my name) and a few other glitches I didn’t particularly enjoyed.

Here’s the brand new cover for Deephaven:

As you can see, I’ve added a few things and changed others. I’ll be honest, I prefer this one to the first one I created. It’s not that professional but I can see it as a printed edition (if I eventually happen to be able to print it – even if only for myself). I will be changing the covers on my previous posts and on Wattpad ASAP 🙂

Now, the other day I was thinking about possible titles for the sequel of Deephaven. I wanted something that still had the -haven bit in it and that, somehow, had something to do with the story of that particular novel. I racked my brains in search of titles, went to the Internet to several names generators and I didn’t like any of the results I got.

Until I found the titles in the most bizarre way: I went to a website (I can’t remember the name nor find it on my history…) that allowed me to search all the words possible with -haven in it. And in that gigantic list, I found two words that matched exactly what I wanted and, curiously enough, managed to fit the story. I have no idea why those two words didn’t crossed my mind before!

So, with no further ado, I give the titles AND the covers of book two and three in the Deephaven Chronicles:

Darkhaven [The Deephaven Chronicles #2]:


Safehaven [The Deephaven Chronicles #3]:

Safehaven Cover

Look at those pretty babies! They are my babies and I’m so proud of them!!!

I have to admit that I feel pretty happy with these two covers. They fit Deephaven perfectly and they look exactly what I imagined the covers to look like. I’m a proud mother!!!

The plot for Darkhaven is currently tugging at my mind and since I know how I want Deephaven to end, it’ll be easy to come up with the synopsis. I already have planned the death of a character (I know, spoiler much and yes, I know, NO!) and a possible journey to somewhere else. 

As for Safehaven, the plot for that one will have to wait till I start Darkhaven, of course 🙂 I’ve already spoiled a little too much on Darkhaven but, you never know, the ideas I have now might change in the future.

So, what do you think? Do you like the covers? And what about the titles? Let me know what you think on the comments… remember, all feedback is welcome 😉

Just a small copyright note: I don’t own any of the pictures used in these covers. I found them online on several sites. No copyright infringement intended and all copyright to their owners.


Deephaven – Playlist

Here it is the Deephaven Playlist (probably part I of several) with soundtracks and other artists that usually inspire me to write. I’ve decided to divide the playlist between soundtracks and bands/singers because I normally write while listening to soundtracks but, depending on my mood, I sometimes end up writing listening to a particular band and/or singer.

  1. Lost – Within Temptation
  2. Dream – Imagine Dragons
  3. Scarlet – Delain
  4. Our Decades in the Sun – Nightwish
  5. Elastic Heart – Sia
  6. A Good Man [Twelve’s Theme] – Murray Gold [Doctor Who Season 8 Soundtrack]
  7. Wonderfields – Nightwish [Imaginaerum Soundtrack]
  8. Sur Le Lac GelĂ© – Pierre Adenot [La Belle et la BĂȘte Soundtrack]
  9. Lost but Won – Hans Zimmer [Rush Soundtrack]
  10. Adagio for TRON – Daft Punk [TRON: Legacy Soundtarck]

You can click on any song and be redirected to YouTube where you can listen to the song.


Deephaven – Chapter 10 & Action

Chapter 10 is now live on Wattpad. This chapter is dedicated to action and is when everything turns upside-down in Sharon’s life!

Chapter 10:

I felt a movement in the air and a growl that didn’t belong to the creature echoed in the dark street. Then I heard a bark and I suddenly opened my eyes. The brown hound that had accompanying me the other day to town from the MA was fighting off the creature. I couldn’t follow the fight since the two beings were a blur of fur and flesh, talons and claws. The creature threw the hound away from it with a movement of its arm and the poor beast hit the wall with a whine.

That was the moment my body felt the need to run and I turned around and simply sprinted off without looking back.

I could hear the creature running after me, a predator after its prey. It had been doing something to that poor man and I was pretty sure he was never going to wake up ever again. And I was probably the next victim. No, scratch that. I was the next victim.
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So far Deephaven has 337 reads, 20 votes and 12 comments and I have so far 5 followers. Feeling pretty accomplished despite it all. Hope the story, as it is changing so fast, won’t turn readers away. And I hope a lot more people will enter this story and become part of Deephaven 🙂

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Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful


The deepest solace lies in understanding
This ancient unseen stream
A shudder before the beautiful.

Nightwish released their new album – and eighth studio album – on March 27th and, as a fan, I had to get my hands on it. I’ve been a fan of this Symphonic Metal band since 2004 and I simply love how Tuomas Holopainen creates such amazing melodies. He is a genius and if you haven’t figured that out yet then you’re missing something quite overwhelming in your life. I recommend you to sit down and listen to their albums – you might not enjoy the genre or not enjoy every single song since the band formation but there will be at least one song/lyric that will move you.

Nightish - Endless Forms Most BeautifulEndless Forms Most Beautiful seems to be quite the opposite of Imaginaerum (2011), this latter focusing more on fantasy, imagination and inspiration whereas this new one centres around life and its evolution. I mean, the title itself is a direct quote from Charles Darwin (On the Origins of Species): 

There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”

Since Tarja Turunen was – basically – sacked from the band, I’ve been slightly sceptic about how Tuomas would manage to bring that vibration that made the band so special. Of course that when the lead singer leaves a band, it get really hard for fans to accept the new singer with the same open arms (and mind) but I admit that Anette Olzon surprised me in Imaginaerum. And when I was getting used to her voice and her different style – she sounds totally different from Tarja – she left the band and now we have After Forever and ReVamp lead singer Floor Jansen as the lead female vocals.

floorI already knew that Floor knew how to sing. Even though I’m not a hardcore fan of After Forever or even have their albums, I heard some of their songs and they made me slightly relief with her being a member of Nightwish. And this album kind of proves that she can really sing from soft melodies to hardcore and heavy tunes. However, there are a few tracks that I wish she could sing them with a little bit more passion. But, overall, she was amazing.

Troy DonockleyThen you have a new member – Troy Donockley – who plays the uillean pipes. I LOVE the sound of those pipes and having them as a permanent instrument in Nightwish’s melodies makes me extremely happy. The celtic vibe accompanying the heavy guitars and Floor’s voice just makes it so emotional and unique.

But what I want to talk about it’s the album itself. I thought that after Imaginaerum – which is one of my favourite albums by Nightwish (the favourite being Once) – the band wouldn’t be able to create something so unique and magnificent but, as always, Tuomas proves me wrong and dwarves his previous work with a bombastic album.

When you first listen to it you kind of feel this is a raw, cold album, very straightfoward and loud. Definitely one of their heavier projects so far. However, what I found on this album is a mixture of that same heaviness laced with a more orchestral soft melodies that only Tuomas can create.

There’s the Nightwish signature that the fans can recognise in each track – whether it’s the guitars or the same melodies I mentioned – but there’s something else I can’t quite put my finger on. There’s a new soul in this album, something that made this album simply amazing! It’s like the band tried to break boundaries without really astray from their original style… I can’t really explain. I guess it’s a feeling certain fans will feel (I hope, at least) and that it’s a good feeling.

This is me trying to review the album without any actual success. Since music is something personal and each and every single one of us feel something entirely different when we listen to something, I simply have this to say: listen to this album, digest it and then let me know what you think about it. Maybe the first and second time it will sound different and somewhat weird but then it will grow on you and you will love it.

Tuomas did it again – he created an album that is amazing and beautiful.

Track list:

1. Shudder Before the Beautiful (6:29)
2. Weak Fantasy (5:23)
3. Élan (4:45)
4. Yours Is an Empty Hope (5:34)
5. Our Decades in the Sun (6:37)
6. My Walden (4:38)
7. Endless Forms Most Beautiful (5:07)
8. Edema Ruh (5:15)
9. Alpenglow (4:45)
10. The Eyes of Sharbat Gula [Instrumental] (6:03)
11. The Greatest Show on Earth (24:00)
I. Four Point Six
II. Life
III. The Toolmaker
IV. The Understanding
V. Sea-Worn Driftwood

Some curiosities:

  • Track #10 (The Eyes of Sharbat Gula) was based on a reproduction of the famous photo published on National Geographic:


  • Track #5 (Our Decades in the Sun) is dedicated to the band’s parents. I’ve read somewhere that the band was left in tears after recording this song. I understand them because it’s beautiful and the lyrics quite emotional;
  • Tuomas Holopainen was also writing and recording his solo album, Music Inspired By the Life and Times of Scrooge (amazing album, by the way), while working on Endless Forms Most Beautiful;
  • The Greatest Show on Earth is based on a book with the same title by Richard Dawkins and it’s Nightwish longest track to date;
  • Richard Dawkins is actually the narrator of this album;
  • Edema Ruh appear in Patrick Rothfuss book The Name of the Wind and are a group of travellers.


imaginaerum_poster_webThis is something that in a way is connected to my writings since Imaginaerum, both the movie and the album, were and are big inspirations for me to write my story Deephaven.

The movie is breathtaking, visually beautiful and with an emotional and deep story. The score, filled with all those themes we are already used from the album with the same name, just makes the world of Imaginaerum real and a dream at the same time. 

I’ve mentioned that Imaginaerum is the main source of inspiration for my story so, therefore, every album that Tuomas Holopainen composes and creates – almost gives birth though he’s a man – is an inspiration on its own way.

I’m leaving here the trailer of the movie, the video of Storytime and my favourite track from the soundtrack so you can get an idea of how much of a genius Tuomas really is.

Tuomas Holopainen

Is like I always say, let me marry you!!!


Deephaven | Characters (and their cast!)

One of the things I do whenever I write something and create characters, is immediately to treat them as real people. For me, my characters aren’t just part of the written word, are not fiction within lines of text… they are real! I always treat them as if they are standing right next to me and we’ve been long time friends. That makes the whole process of developing them, of creating their flaws and qualities easier.

And other thing I immediately do is give them a face. Of course that inside my mind I know exactly how they look like. But because it’s difficult to explain how they look, how they are, it’s easier to pretend that our story is going to get a movie/TV-series adaptation and pick up the best cast to it. Of course they will never be the exact same image you had when creating them (or maybe they will… it depends!) but they might get closer than you think and it might help your readers getting a mental picture of them.

So, here are the character of Deephaven (just a few of them…. some of the already familiar characters are being slightly harder to find a decent actor/actress) and their cast:

Gemma Arterton as Sharon Colin O'Donoghue as Damon Romola Garai as McKenna O'Hara Linus Roache as Francis Bernard Hill as Joey Alfred Enouch as Noel Holliday Grainger as Vera

I admit that I’m not entirely sure about Alfred Enouch as Noel. Samuel Anderson, who played Danny Pink in Doctor Who, is also a possibility for Noel though Anderson is older than Enouch and it will pretty much depend on the direction I’ll be taking from now on. But, for now, Alfred Enouch is my “cast” for Noel. If I happen to realise that Samuel Anderson (or even Noel Clarke for that matter) is closer to the Noel I’m developing, I will change his cast!

I’ve also created a specific page for the cast – here. It has everyone in this post as well as the names of those characters still missing. In the meantime, if you have any ideas concerning artists, feel free to share 😉


#Wattys2015 – I’m IN!

Yes, I entered Deephaven as potential story for this year’s Wattys (click on the pic to find out more about these awards – yes, they are awards!). I’m not expecting to win anything but the thrill of being a participant is enough to have me panicking.

So, wish me luck and don’t forget to follow me on Wattpad 😉


Resurrecting the Blog & Deephaven New Chapters!

I am trying to slowly resurrect this blog. I don’t know how to do that since I’ve been away for so long but hopefully I will be able to post some writing tips, more Deephaven-related stuff, inspirational quotes, etc…

In the meantime, Deephaven just got over 300 views!! WHOO-OOH!!! Super happy for that ’cause I didn’t think it would be able for my story to get readers. Truly! I owe it all to those who took a moment of their time to simply skim the story. THANK YOU ❀

And now, I’m leaving the new chapters available on Wattpad – Chapter 10 and 11 and slowly being edited and hopefully I’ll be publish them during the next week 🙂

Chapter 6

The forest surrounding me chilled me to the bones with its naked branches and trunks. I had no idea what had caused it and the idea of not being able to help it made me extremely gloomy. It just prolonged my already installed misery. The forest was exactly what my grandfather looked like: old, frail and dying. All I could do was hope and pray it would somehow get better during the spring when the sun beamed down at the soil. But until then, the autumn and the winter would dry the earth and kill it even more. I hated it!

The guards didn’t say a single word when they saw me approaching the gates. They only opened it and allowed me out. I nodded my thanks and hurried the bike out of the institution grounds. I needed to get away from the image of my grandfather fading and the haunted-looking building. I needed to see other people even the ones living on the village. And I needed a drink which was something that wasn’t allowed on the institution.
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Chapter 7:

“He has this kindness that is contagious” She remarked but I felt something underlying her words. They didn’t sound the right kind of words to say in this situation and I carved it all in my mind. It felt important, a message that I would need in the future. “Even though the institution has taken all his individuality, his humanity, he manages to still be tender and good.”

I fell silent and stared at my hands around my glass. She sounded sad, as if something had been taken from her and she couldn’t reach it anymore. Maybe her crush on Noel has already been broken but her feelings for him remain strong. I wondered if that had been my face when I mentioned seeing Colin again to Clara. Did I look infatuated? Did I look as if I still loved him?
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Chapter 8:

It was time to leave my grandfather and I gathered my things. Before leaving his room I kissed his forehead and caressed his shallow cheek. I wanted him to open his eyes and smile at me. I pretended he had done that and said my goodbyes to him. Pretending was easy despite knowing that as soon as I left that door, reality would crush down on me. Reality sucked, really.

I left his room and prepared to leave the institution when I heard a strange noise from one of the rooms. I hadn’t noticed that there were more patients in this ward, perhaps more old people suffering from a disease. I just hoped they had family that would visit them. I approached the door and sneaked inside. I could only see an old lady sitting on a wheel chair, her backs to me. Her hair was tied in a bum high in her head with just a few locks falling down to her shoulders. Her backs were stiff and her hands were on the window glass, almost translucent. The scene was as if it had been taken out of an old movie. It was somehow beautiful and sad.
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Chapter 9:

I looked at her in surprise and opened my mouth to deny it but no sound came out. The tone she used made me stop on my tracks and consider everything I had been thinking lately. I’ve always thought that I was losing my mind, especially every since that dream with the premonition of the woman. But I also thought that was an isolated case and that it wouldn’t happen again. Of course that all those dreams about the day my parents died, my grandfather and now this latest one had me seriously thinking that I was getting depressed. And McKenna was somehow right: ever since I came to Deephaven, strange things have been happening and I had no idea what and why.

“Do you have any idea why this is happening?” I found myself asking her. She didn’t look me in the eyes and I saw that this time it was her that opened her mouth but decided to close it again. She was keeping something back and I could almost see the wheels in her head turn. “McKenna, can I tell you something?”
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I’m currently working on a post about the characters and their cast. It might go up somewhere around Monday/Tuesday! Keep an eye out for that 🙂